ERLENN is an outstanding premium Brand in the luxury segment and stands for exceptional embroidery on exclusive dresses. Known for its specific embroidery designs and innovative techniques the brand gained lots of success and attention in the international fashion market.

Our products are provided with strictly control and care in fabrics, style and embroidery and are all developed and produced in our own Atelier in Germany.





The philosophy of Erlenn was founded in 2009 in the heart of Florence, Italy, where the founder and German designer Natalie Stanglmeier lived and worked. In Italy she discovered her mutual passion for high quality and detail and in late 2015 she founded ERLENN in Germany and built up a team of professionals.


Erlenn express a modern way of Couture in combining new elements and modern artwork with classical shapes- a unique style for each occasion and each woman.


To achieve the best results we regularry travel all over the world to important fairs and exhibitions to find exclusive selections of silk fabrics, Jacquards or laces as base for our creations.

But the personal signature on each of our garments is the handmade embroidery developed and designed in our Atelier. Based on ancient traditional artisan work and specific knowledge in detail, every single element is carefully selected and set-in by hand.

From the first sketch to the final piece we control and care every step in process by developing and creating a unique dress.







Erlenn provides each women with a luxurious style, individual elegance and exceptional uniqueness.

Our mission is a personalized Couture which seems to be art in embroidery meeting pure silk fabrics with fine Jacquard structures and feminine elegance in cut.